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About Knight

Since 1972, Knight has been dedicated to developing innovative chemical delivery systems for the chemical hygiene industry. Knight’s solutions include a complete range of precision dispensing and cleaning systems that are used in a variety of applications within the hospitality, food and beverage, dairy, and healthcare industries. Knight specializes in engineering advanced dosing and control technologies that create value, while increasing efficiencies for businesses throughout the world. Knight became part of the CFS Technologies family of brands in September of 2022. Through its legacy and emerging brands, CFS Technologies ( designs and produces cutting-edge connectivity technology and manufactures time-proven chemical dispensing equipment across a wide range of industries.

Knight HC

Knight HC is the healthcare segment of Knight. Within the fields of sterile processing and infection control, Knight HC is leveraging our unique capabilities to improve cleaning, increase throughput, and streamline process workflow for healthcare professionals and suppliers. We offer standard and customizable technologies for instrument care, flexible endoscopy, and environmental cleaning that simplify complicated manual processes, improve efficiency, validate chemical and cleaning processes, and promote compliance with regulatory requirements.


Commitment to Quality

Knight is committed to supporting our healthcare industry customers with the highest quality products and services. This commitment is demonstrated in our ISO-13485:2003 Quality Management System and our long established policies, practices and procedures, Lean manufacturing principles and a culture of continuous process improvement.

Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing

Flexible endoscopes reprocessing is labor-intensive and physically demanding. Knight HC's product line for flexible endoscope cleaning automates a good portion of the process to achieve consistent cleaning results, reduce reprocessing time, and increase productivity. 


Knight’s endoscope cleaning systems promote proper endoscope cleaning to meet industry cleaning requirements. In addition, built-in data management software offers automated reports for quality management and surveyor audits.

Solutions for Instrument Care 

Knight HC’s product line for instrument care are designed to reduce instrument reprocessing time, improve cleaning effectiveness, and promote consistent processing to national standards. Our focus is to identify needs of sterile processing professionals and develop cost effective solutions that simplify reprocessing while producing cleaner medical devices.


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