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Automated Filling/Blending System for Sinks, Bins, and Mop Buckets

  • Assures the Accuracy of Instrument Cleaning Solution to +/- 2%

  • Prevents Overfilling

  • Conserves Water

  • Frees Up Technician for Other Tasks

  • Reports for Quality Management and Surveyor Audits

Product Description


The Evolution™ is a major advancement in the 
manual instrument cleaning process. With the press 
of its start button, Evolution automatically fills the 
instrument sink, bin or mop bucket with the precise amount of instrument cleaner and water to the correct working level. The LCD display provides real time alarms for solution temperature, dosing amounts, out of cleaning detergent status and sink activity. The Evolution includes soak timer, which allows users to set a specific amount of time for the medical instruments to soak before the final cleaning and rinsing stage. The unit also includes a USB port for downloading management reports.

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