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FlushTech™ GI

Flushing System for Flexible Endoscopes


  • Dual Flushing Ports

  • Flush Main and Elevator Channels, Plus Rinse Water Purge

  • Processing Reports for Quality Management and Surveyor Audits

Product Description


The FlushTech™ GI is a dual port flushing system that promotes compliance with endoscope flushing requirements while reducing the time it takes to reprocess a scope. FlushTech is an easy-to-operate and robust system for flushing detergent, rinse water, and air through all internal channels and any elevator wire channels of a flexible endoscope. FlushTech saves all processing reports for quality management and surveyor audits.

FlushTech GI works with flexible endoscopes including Olympus®, Pentax®, Karl Storz®, and Fujinon®.


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