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4-in-1 Flexible Endoscope Cleaning System

  • Inflation for Leak Test

  • Precision Detergent Dosing

  • Dual Flushing Ports

  • Flush All Channels/Elevator Wire Channels

  • Reports for Quality Management and Surveyor Audits

Product Description


The ScopeTech™ DF 4-in-1 flexible endoscope cleaning system promotes compliance with reprocessing requirements while reducing the time it takes to reprocess a scope. ScopeTech DF provides a step-by-step cleaning process that the technicain can follow, tracks every scope cleaned between pre-clean and high level disinfection, and saves processing reports for quality management and surveyor audits.

ScopeTech DF works with flexible endoscopes including Olympus, Pentax, Karl Storz, and Fujinon.

Smart, Space-Saving Design Replaces
Multiple Systems

  • Replaces light source system, detergent doser, and flushing system

  • Replaces hand leak tester, detergent pump bottle, and hand syringing 

Track Every Flexible Scope Cleaned Between Pre-Clean and High Level Disinfection

  • Barcode Scanner Records Scope Serial Number and Technician I.D.s

  • Date and Time Stamp

  • Leak Test Duration

  • Detergent Volume

  • Detergent Flush, Rinse, and Water Purge Time

  • Error Messages

Ensure Compliance with Cleaning Requirements

  • Step-by-Step Cleaning Process Management

  • Operators Follow Programmed Procedure to Assure Consistency in Cleaning 

  • Achieve Consistent Cleaning Results

  • Shorten the Time it Takes to Reprocess

  • Easy to Train New Technicians

  • Easy to Comply to Regional Requirements

  • Automated Reports for Quality Management and Surveyor Audits

Optimized for Higher Cleaning Performance

  • Precision flow meters assure chemical dosing is precise and scope channels are properly flushed 

  • Precise detergent dosing with optional temperature sensing for optimal chemical performance

  • Dual channel flushing provides full flow through main and elevator wire channels

  • Cycle validation summary for scopes and any error messages

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